Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

First I thought I should introduce myself. I have been growing in the technology industry and creating business successes for each employer for over 15 years. I have a generalist approach to technology with a firmly established hands-on ability with Microsoft technology. I use cutting edge technology to solve business issues economically and create thriving business environments. My background is founded in financial business processes and software development.

I will be using this blog to express some of my experiences in helpful terms that others might be able to learn the lessons that I have. Some posts will have the highlights of projects that I have been apart of or have managed. Some of these examples have been fictionalized to make certain points. The examples are not a complete rendering of all the events of any project, example or actual event. Nor are they intended to be a factual accounting of events in a project, example or actual event.

The examples of projects are to inspire and provoke thought on how anyone of us would have handled the situation. My intention is to highlight those "moments" where doing things one way or another might have changed the end of the story. This is done in an open and learning format where I hope we can all continue to learn together.

Continuous learning is the corner stone for any technologist. So please allow me to not only learn from what I have experienced, but also from your experiences.

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